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Referrals from Partner Organisations

Please provide reference code provided by our partner. 

Newent GP Practice (Holt Centre)

Please input the code which has been provided by your GP on your referral form. *Note this is only relevant to Newent GP Practice and is not a referral route from any other GP’s within the country.

Trained and Professional 

if you have been referred by your employer please input the code they have provided you with or the name of your employer.


Self Referrals

Please input code for which you meet the eligibility criteria. 

We work with several partners who enable us to offer funded short-term counselling subject to their eligibility criteria. The funding that we have available changes on a regular basis and this page is updated to reflect current funding options. 

Eligibility Criteria

Stroud District Council (SDC) Chapel Street

Please input the code which has been provided by SDC. This is only relevant to SDC tenants at Chapel Street.  


Stroud, Gloucestershire Counselling Service


Gloucester, Gloucestershire Counselling Service


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Counselling Service


GCS Counselling available in Tewkesbury


GSC Counselling available in Cirencester