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How much is counselling at GCS?

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Adult Counselling


I can’t afford it, how can I receive counselling?

GCS is committed to proving access to counselling services and we are proud to be able to support those who are motivated to access counselling in doing so. We therefore have a subsidised fee structure that we fund with the support of donations, grants and resources the Organisation;  

 Individual Subsided Fees

Standard fee £55 | Donations above £55.00 gratefully received.

Couples / Child & Family Subsided Fees

Standard fee £70 | Donations above £70 gratefully received.

Hardship Funding

If the fee that is applicable is not considered to be affordable by the client they will have the option of applying for Hardship Funding – this will require more information. The subsidised fee that they are applicable for will be the fee payable in the interim.

We are a charity

Through fundraising and donations we can subsidise counselling costs to make it accessible to all that need it. 

How can you support us?

Become a funding partner
Make a donation
Pay forward counselling
Overpay for your counselling