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Children & Family Counselling Service

Who is the service for?

The Child & Family Service offers counselling to families, children and young people who are experiencing difficulties. These may stem from changes in family life such as separation, divorce / remarriage, developments within step-families, illness, loss or bereavement. Or there may be worries about how to support a troubled adolescent, a child experiencing bullying or a child or young person in the family finding it hard to make friends or become more independent.

We work with families, children and young people in a wide range of circumstances, including with those who can't pinpoint an obvious cause for their difficulties but who are nevertheless worried and finding it hard to share their feelings and talk things through. Our counsellors offer a confidential space where they can think about and talk through their concerns.

We sometimes work with families in liaison with other agencies, including Social Services. As with every case, we will conduct a clinical assessment before deciding whether we can offer counselling.

In cases with multi-agency involvement, we will discuss our roles and responsibilities and the fees involved and set these out in a Service Level Agreement. If you are a professional seeking input from our services, please contact our Head of Counselling to discuss individual cases further.

How to get help

The Child and Family Counselling Service Registration forms are available online.  You will need to pay the initial session fee at this time and you are able to do so by credit card, debit card or using your Paypal account following your completion of the online Registration Forms

Apply Online

We operate an appointments only system and any member of the family may contact us on 01453 766310. Calls are answered between 9am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 3pm on Friday.  At other times, a message can be left on an answer phone and will be responded to promptly.

The cost of counselling

The Child & Family Service is a subsidiary of GCS and is non-profit making. We receive no financial support from Government or NHS Trusts and aim to provide our service to those in need irrespective of income. The registration fee is £60 - this covers registration, allocation to an appropriate counsellor and the first session. Fees for each ongoing counselling session are calculated according to income bands, but we are able to offer limited concessions in the case of low income.

The initial assessment session and ongoing sessions

An initial assessment meeting will be arranged which provides the opportunity to explore your concerns and think about the best way forward. From then, the Child and Family Counselling Service does it's best to allocate you to a counsellor within 4 - 6 weeks from the date of your initial Assessment.  If you are able to be flexible on the times and days you would be available, then we would hope to allocate you within 2 - 4 weeks. These timescales may vary due to demand on the Service.


To contact for further information about the services provided by the Child & Family Service or to arrange an initial session please see the Contact page.

British Psychoanalytic Council

GCS specialises in providing counselling and training of counsellors to professional standards. GCS was established in 1980 and has over 60 counsellors offering high quality affordable, counselling to the community of Gloucestershire in venues across the county including Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Cirencester. All our counsellors are supervised and managed within GCS and work within the BACP ethical framework. Some of our counsellors are counsellors in training; they work to the same standards as our qualified counsellors.